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benefits concessions schemes for senior citizens: Punjab

Pension Scheme

This scheme was first started  in the State of Punjab in the year 1964. The purpose of this scheme is to provide Social Security in the shape of financial assistance to Old and Infirm persons. 1. ELIGIBILITY i) Women who are 60 years old or above and 65 years or above in the case of men . ii) *The monthly income of the applicant should not be more than Rs. 1000/- in case of individual and Rs. 1500/- if husband wife both are alive.

* Before 15.7.97 the limit of monthly income was Rs. 500/- and Rs. 750/- for individual and couple case respectively.

2. RATE OF PENSION   **     Rs. 250/- per month .

** The rate of pension was Rs. 150/- per month before April, 1995
*** The rate of pension was Rs. 200/- per month before April, 2006

3) Power to Sanction: (In Rural Areas)   In rural areas the Applicant will submit application duly attested and recommended by Sarpanch/MLA to the Gram Sabha. Gram Sabha will identify the eligibility of the beneficiaries under the Scheme in general Ijlas and send the list alongwith application form to Gram Panchayat for onward transmission to Child Development Project Officer. Child Development Project Officer after the approval of Panchayat Samiti will issue the sanction and will send the list of beneficiaries to the District Social Security Officer for updating the record and issue of fund accordingly. Procedure of sanction (in Urban Areas) The applicant submit its application in prescribed Performa duly attested and recommended by the Councilor/MLA to the Executive Officer of the Municipalities and Secretary of the Municipal Corporation. After processing the applications, the Executive Officer and Secretary Corporation will submit the application to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate for sanction/rejection. 4) Procedure of disbursement: (In Rural Areas)   District Social Security Officer, shall send the village wise list of beneficiaries alongwith amount in the account of concerned Panchayat on monthly basis. The gram Panchayat will disburse the amount to beneficiaries in the presence the committee consisting of Sarpanch, Ex- Sarpanch, Lady Panch, S.C. Lady Punch, Teacher, Anganwari worker, Patwari and Panchayat Secretary.   Procedure of disbursement: (In Urban Areas)   The beneficiaries get pension through Banks account. 5. INELIGIBLE PERSONS   Govt. has amended Old Age Pension rules and the following persons have been declared ineligible for OAP :-   i) If applicant or his/her children are sale tax assesses.

ii) A class I or class II officer or having equivalent status or having private job as class II official or getting salary of Rs.4000/- per month. iii) If children of the applicant are doctor, advocate, charted accountant, Income Tax consultant Financial or Administration Advisor, Engineers, Agriculture, Contractor or doing any other business/profession of any nature. iv) If applicant's children are Income Tax Assesses. 6) DEDICATED SOCIAL SECURITY FUND   To streamline the flow of funds for Financial Assistance to Old Age, Widow % Destitute Women, Dependent Children and Handicapped Persons. My Govt. has set up a dedicated Social Security Fund by enhancing 3% Stamp duty for registration in the Urban areas and also by imposing 5% extra duty on the electrical bills in the State. The Govt. is hoping to collect Rs. 450.00 Crores by adopting this measure. The Financial Assistance to the most vulnerable and weaker section of the society would be ensured on a monthly basis on the pattern of salary to the employees . The scheme is likely to be implemented from 1st March 2005. 7. BENEFICIARIES AND EXPENDITURE UNDER OAP SCHEME.

Year Sanctioned case Beneficiaries (at the end of the year) Expenditure (Rs. in lac)
2001^2002 293934 795759 15314.20
2002^2003 53601 734749 9553.01
2003^2004 25468 760217 12178.24
2004^2005 21216 781433 3016.91
2005^2006 68979 850412 33489.63



This Scheme launched on 1.1.1997
Aims :-
To infuse confidence and a sense of security among aged women.
Target Group
All women above the age of 60 years residing in Punjab State.
i) Identity Cards are issued to eligible women by Child Development Project Officers.
ii) 50% fare concession is granted to card holders traveling in the Punjab and PEPSU Roadways buses within the State.

Read more from Govt portal http://punjabgovt.gov.in/punjabrti/Social%20Security.html

Administrative Structure


Minister of youth Welfare and Pension


Secretary to Govt. Punjab, Grievances and Pension


Director, Pension & Welfare of Pensioners
Office Telephone No. 91-172-702907

Under Secretary (Pension)

Office Telephone No. 91-172-706720