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Senior Citizens seek protection against own Son

High court Terms is "Unfortunate"

Aerika Singh, Chandigarh, June 3, 2011: Terming this petition before it “unfortunate”, Honorable Justice Alok Singh of Punjab & Haryana High Court, today, has directed the City Superintendent of Police to enquire into the matter in a complaint filed by two senior citizens seeking protection of life and liberty from their own son and daughter in law. Senior Citizens Chota Singh and his wife both aged above 80, had earlier complained to the local police against physical abuse by their own son, an influential property dealer. With police showing total insensitivity to the plight of hapless parents, and instead arresting Chota Singh, alleging threatening behavior from a fragile & feeble old man of 80+ suffering from various old age ailments, DadaDadi.org a local NGO for Senior Citizens, had to step in. “This problem is now wide spread which needs to be addressed immediately and Administration should take immediate steps for effective implementation of Maintenance & Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007” says Jorawer Singh, who took up this couple’s case at DadaDadi.

      DadaDadi comes to the rescue of Senior Citizens,

      arrest warrants issued against son!

Aerika Singh, Mhow (MP), March 10: An arrest warrant has been issued today by the court for non-appearance of the son in the case filed by the neglected senior citizen parents. Earlier, A Sub-Divisional Magistrate had issued a notice to their mechanical engineer son for allegedly neglecting his aged parents. Ms Deepti Chopra, president of MP chapter of Dadadadi, after detecting the precarious condition of these older adults, explained and educated them of their rights and eventually Dr S M Jafri (75) and his wife Naseem Jafri (72), residents of Birdi House locality, were able to file a complaint under the Senior Citizens’Welfare and Maintenance Act, 2008.

S M Jafri alleges in his plea that Arshad refuses to look after them, despite earning a very good salary. The senior Jafri retired as an Assistant Director of Veterinary Services. Under the Act, a senior citizen can seek a court order directing children, or grandchildren, to pay maintenance. A person can be sentenced to imprisonment if he/she fails to pay maintenance upon court’s order.

“Normally, we try to persuade the children to take care of their parents and not to neglect them, but only in very extreme cases, we resort to the legal means, like this.” said Ms Sukhbir, President, National body, DadaDadi.org, congratulating Deepti for her selfless dedication to the cause of senior citizens, further expecting that “if given an appropriate publicity to such matters, the children will start understanding their obligations of their own, much before the parents even think of taking the legal resort.”



Senior Citizens reviving almost dead

It is not a miracle but sheer grit, passion and dedication to profession that these Doctors, after retiring from their cosy Government jobs, working at a construction site At Guru Govind Singh Refinery of HMEL, 40 Km away from the Bhathinda main city, are handling difficult and critical medical emergencies.

Local NGO DadaDadi.org was instrumental in having these senior citizens deployed at this site as part of its mission to have older adults gainfully and respectfully employed.

"It is all the with the grace of god and the support provided by the Hindustan Petroleum Mittal Energy Limited that we are able to save the precious human lives at this remote location" said Dr Prem Verma. Narrating an incident which happened early this month he said "Sona Haldar, 31, a job aspirant was standing in the queue for pre-employment medical examination, suddenly he fall on the ground and got unconscious, I was on duty and found that BP & Pulse was unrecordable, heartbeat was also not coming. I immediately started doing cardiac massage and also gave him mouth to mouth respiration and oxygen, after 2 minutes, his heartbeat started , then he was given emergency medicines; Injection Effcorlin, Injection Decadrom and IV Fluid within few minutes pulse become appeared and BP also recordable." "By evening this daily-wager's pulse was 70/ per minute and BP 102 / 68. After stabilizing, the patient he was referred to Charitable Hospital at Raman Mandi." added Dr Prem with elation.

Another Senior citizen, Dr Sadhu Singh, is equally happy after saving a life this weak. A labourer working at site, Krishan Ram, 35, was brought to Occupational Health Centre with the history of severe diarrheoa & vomiting. Dr. Sadhu Singh along with Paramedical staff examined the patient; BP & Pulse was unrecordable, heartbeat was just feeble. Dr. Sadhu, immediately started the treatment "IV Fluid started instantly and emergency medicines were given to him". After 15 minutes of intensive procedure, pulse & BP become recordable. After stabilizing the patient for half an hour, referred to Charitable Hospital at Raman.

The Corporate responsibility just does not end with this, "Our Occupational Health team was continuously in touch with Doctors at Charitable hospital and followed up the case till he was finally discharged from the Hospital after about 4 days." said relieved Mr. SC Das GM Constructions and Mr Ravi Yadav, HR Head at Bathinda Refinery.



Punjab's First Elderly Couple gets Maintenance.

TheIndiaPost.com, Jorawer Singh, Chandigarh, August 3: Where sons forget to discharge their "Pitri Rinn", an obligation towards their parents, The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents & Senior Citizens Act, 2007, is forcing children to relearn age old values of India Society.

Sukhinder Singh & Gurcharan Kaur, 74+, bore smiles on their faces, not just for being the first ones to get the benefit under the act in Punjab, but more so for having fought the battle at this age.

The father suffering from rectum cancer and mother alleging of being beaten up and thrown out of their home, in Amritsar-Punjab, by their 48 year old son, took these senior citizens to the Court of Tribunal of SDM-1 RP Singh.

The tribunal besides allowing the couple, a free access to thier home, also ordered the son to start paying the maintenance allowance of Rs 10,000/- to his old parents.

Once again looking ahead, retired additional registrar of co-operative societies, Punjab, Sukhinder Singh said "Even with a monthly pension of Rs 22,000/-, life had become unbearable both due to the medical expenses & our son" & "thanked almighty and the State for providing with an opportunity to play another innings of life."

Gurcharan Kaur, while seeking imprisonment for her son gave a message that "Daughters are better than Sons, it was my daughter, who was always there to take care of us during these difficult times."

NanaNani are now once again set to relish the feelings of DadaDadi.

Filing Income tax returns - Elderly sail through with NGO
CHANDIGARH / The Times of India / News / July 31

By Shimona Kanwar, Times News Network

As money continues to remain a reason for contentment as well as discord especially during the twilight of one’s life, senior citizens in the city are taking the road less taken as far as filing of income-tax returns is concerned. The filing of I-T returns by 635 such senior citizens in the Tricity through an NGO reveals more than what meets the eye.

From routine problems like cumbersome documentation process to not-so-obvious ones like preference for non-disclosure of income, the elderly had different reasons for approaching ‘Dadadadi’, an advocacy organization that works for improving the lives of adults above 60 years.

‘Dadadadi’ took the initiative to help senior citizens with paperwork and submission of forms ahead of I-T returns. Under the service that was provided free of cost, accountants helped the elderly in filing their returns. For this, a special helpline number was also disseminated.

Jorawer Singh, founder of the NGO, said, “I roped in few dedicated accountants from among my office staff. We only asked senior citizens to furnish documents stated in the checklist while filing return. The rest of work was done by us.”

Interestingly, most senior citizens found the option to their advantage. “These tax returns divulge economic affairs that one may not like others to know about. We had been asked to keep this information confidential. There were cases where some elderly couples told us that they did not want their children to know about their property or investments,” added Jorawer.

Also, right guidance can help in saving a lot of tax. Life-saving investments can help in getting refund amount from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), besides providing financial cushion during the twilight of their life.

Prem Kumar, a septuagenarian, said, “I managed to save Rs 4,000 due to timely advise on some LIC funds.”

Read earlier report about DadDadi

With retired accountants and five volunteers especially trained to help residents understand the nitty gritty of tax regulations, the NGO has managed to make a breakthrough of sorts in the mindscape of senior citizens.

“The volunteers first attended a training by the IRS in tax regulations, followed by lessons in electronic filing of I-T returns,” said Vijay Mehra, volunteer with the NGO.

Jasmeet Kaur, a member with ‘Dadadadi’, said, “The advent of electronic filing has made the process much easier and quicker. It only takes a maximum of two weeks to deposit funds into a bank account.” [rc]

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Reverse Mortgage fail to take off - Senior Citizens India


NEW DELHI: Reverse mortgage, a popular model allowing senior citizens to take money out of their homes, is failing to find an abode in India. Senior bank officials that SundayET spoke with have confirmed that the product has failed to find takers during the last two and half years of its existence in India.

Till now, less than 500 applicants have availed this loan in India since its inception in 2007, a senior bank official, who did not wish to be identified, said.

The reasons for the model not taking off in India are manifold. From an emotional attachment with one’s house to real estate price correction; from an absence of clear guidance against legal complications to inadequate marketing, the plan has been unable to meet the expectations of financial institutions.

Reverse mortgage is a plan through which senior citizens can avail loans from either banks or other financial institutions by mortgaging one’s home.

If a senior owns a house and has a mortgage on the house, he might get a reverse mortgage to pay off the existing loan and then have some money left over to take care of his expenses for the rest of his life. The homeowner could get that as a lump sum or a line of credit, and wouldn’t have to pay it back until he move...

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DadaDadi hails UT Admin Decision

Tribunal for Senior Citizens: TOI

July 25, 2009, Chandigarh.


Welcoming the notification of the Maintenance Tribunal & Appellate Tribunal under sections 7 & 15 of The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens’ Act, 2007, Ms Sukhbir Kaur, president of DadaDadi, a city-based NGO for senior citizens, congratulated the senior citizens of the city.


“The declaration of SDM office as Maintenance Tribunal and District Magistrate office as Appellate Tribunal will surely go a long way in protecting rights of the senior citizens and imbibe moral obligations in the younger generation in otherwise degenerating society,” the president said in a meeting held at the society’s premises.


If children or relatives are found to be neglecting or refusing to maintain a senior citizen, the Tribunal may order such children/relatives to pay a monthly allowance up to Rs 5,000 to the affected senior citizen.


Taking the lead from the Chandigarh, the President reaffirmed the society’s resolve to relentlessly work for the Senior Citizens across the country.



Crimes against elderly: Delhi tops list
June 16, 2009 14:27 IST

In some bad news for the elderly, the national capital tops a list of cities as far as crime against senior citizens is concerned. According to a study by HelpAge India, an organisation working for the welfare of senior citizens, Delhi has left cities like Mumbai and Bangalore far behind when it comes to crime against older people.

In Delhi, home to nearly a million senior citizens, crime against elderly people is four times more than in Mumbai and double than that of Bangalore, the NGO claimed quoting data from the police of the three cities.

The organisation said of the total cases of crime against elderlies registered in Delhi last year, the highest form of crime was hurting a senior (42.2 per cent) followed by murder and robbery which accounted to 35.5 and 13.3 per cent respectively.

The woes of seniors seem to be basically sourced from their own children and relatives with as much as 52 per cent of them facing harassment for property.

Nearly 50 per cent of perpetrators of such crimes are children and children-in-law, followed by neighbours and others (27 per cent), the survey said. Maximum number of property related torture cases have been recorded in South Delhi, known for its posh colonies and tony residential areas, while 20.8 per cent of such cases have been seen in central Delhi.

The survey found that while one out of eight elderly said "no one cares they exist", about 13 per cent of them feel "trapped" in their own homes. "Abuse of senior citizens often starts at one's own home. But fear of family shame, continuous harassment and dependency on the abuser prevents the issue from going out of the four walls," said Kapil Kaul of HelpAge India. He said such abuse also comes in various forms--physical, emotional psychological and financial.


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day-June 15th

Chandigarh, June 16, 2009


DadaDadi.org, a NGO working for older Adults, has also organized “Shabeel” to celebrate much less known day “World Elder Abuse Awareness Day”.  Senior Citizens!


Background CONSIDERING THE impact of elder abuse throughout the world, the United Nation International Plan of Action adopted by all countries in Madrid in 2002 took cognizance of the prevalence of elder abuse and put it in the frame work of human rights violation. The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) is guiding, helping and watching various aspects of the problem and in 2006 declared June 15 as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day adopting the Slogan, ‘My World, Your World, Our World- Free of Elder Abuse’. The day is now declared to be observed every year for creating awareness against abuse of elders.


According to the INPEA, elder abuse is a single or repeated act or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship, where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress to an older person. It can be of various forms-physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, financial or simply reflect intentional or unintentional neglect.


Many elderly stuck with bad tenants'

14 Jun 2009, 0453 hrs IST, Shimona Kanwar, TNN


CHANDIGARH: Meant to resolve grievances of the elderly, Dadadadi, an NGO, has witnessed an encouraging response. Established to help the senior citizens lead comfortable lives, the organization has been approached by many elders who are struggling to get their houses vacated from difficult tenants.  Jorawer Singh, who runs the NGO, said, “We have been inundated with calls from those who have been facing harassment at the hands of tenants.” He said an advocate had been engaged to respond to such matters. District court lawyer Ameet Awasthi said, “I get almost 10-15 cases relating to senior citizens.


Of these, tenant-dispute cases form a major chunk. Also, pendency is high in these cases.” He added, “Lawyers must emphasize on the age factor for quick disposal of plaints.” In his late 80’s, Sector-11 resident Air Commodore (retd) Satinder Singh rued, “I have Parkinson’s and have been fighting a tenancy dispute for years.” NGO member Avinash Jolly said they would not also help elderly fight loneliness, but also make them aware about their rights.

DadaDadi set to put lonely lives in order

 CHANDIGARH, 8 Jun 2009, 0139 hrs IST, Shimona Kanwar, TNN,

Abriged, Click here for complete newsWhile the UT administration has for long been trying hard to ensure the safety of elderly people living alone in the city, though with not much success, an NGO has gone a step ahead to offer them a helping hand in living a healthy and happy life. 

Dadadadi, a non-profit service and advocacy organization, has been set up particularly to facilitate routine house jobs that senior citizens find difficult to do all by themselves and also to offer them emotional, financial and health support structure. 

The NGO also plans to work out income-generating activities that can be taken up by those in need of money in their twilight years. The organization has already tied up with various telecom operators whereby they will be offering re-charge coupons for sale by senior citizens. ‘’The idea is to make them self-dependent and also to get them involved in activities that are easy to carry out at home,’’ said Jorawer. 

Avnish Jolly, an activist associated with the NGO, added, ‘’We had conducted an independent survey recently in the city whereby we concluded that old people felt neglected and lonely. That is why our organization would be providing them emotional support as well.’’ 

Implement Senior Citizens Act, pleads Dadadadi

Chandigarh, June 3, 2009  : Dr Avinish Jolly

Hailing the Gujarat government’s decision to implement the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens’ Act, 2007, enacted by the Central government, president of the NGO – Dadadadi, Ms Sukhbir Kaur lamented the respective governments of states and the Chandigarh administration for not doing so in this part of the country.

“The Act will go a long way in protecting rights of the senior citizens and imbibe moral obligations in the younger generation in the declining society,” the president argued in a meeting held at the society’s premises.

It is pertinent that the law has already been implemented in as many as 11 states – Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tripura, Orissa, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Nagaland, Delhi, Assam and Jharkhand.

If children or relatives are found to be neglecting or refusing to maintain a senior citizen, the Tribunal may order such children/relatives to pay a monthly allowance of Rs 5,000 to the senior citizen.

The President reaffirmed the society’s resolve to take up the matter strongly with highest authorities in the respective governments for implementing the Act.

Senior Citizens be Safe - Don't Let Crime stop you from enjoying life

Safety News, Chandigarh, May 29, 2009 : Dr Avinish Jolly

To be safe at home make sure your locks, doors, and windows are strong and cannot be broken easily. A good alarm system can be very helpful. Check to make sure your doors and windows are locked both when you are in the house and when you're away. Make a list of your expensive belongings. You might even take pictures of the most valuable items. Store these papers in a safe place. Ask the local police department about marking your valuable property with an I.D. number.

Don't open your door before you know who is there. Ask any stranger for proof of identity before opening the door. Remember, you don't have to open the door if you feel uneasy. Don't keep large amounts of cash in the house. Get to know your neighbors, and join in a neighborhood watch program if there is one available in your community. Be street smart and stay alert. Walk with a friend and stay away from unsafe places like dark alleys or parking lots. Keep your doors locked at all times, and don't open your car door or roll down your window for strangers. Park in well lit areas and if confronted by a robber, don't resist, hand over your cash right away.

   DadaDadi Condemns rising Crime Graph

News, Chandigarh, May 28, 2009 : Sukhbir Kaur

Chandigarh, once known as city of retired, is fighting hard to retain the tag.

With the rising crime graph in the tri-city, Older Adults are getting insecure even inside their own homes.  The majority population, comprising of working couples, have parents, especially senior citizens with their expected vulnerability, left all alone at home during the day. The police beat schemes, senior citizen contact programmes, etc. etc.  being relegated to deep down, criminals are finding these homes a soft target.

We at Dadadadi, strongly condemn rising crime against the older population and urge all concerned to immediately take steps towards providing secure environment before, god forbids, some ugly incident does happen.


Reverse mortgage scheme still to catch up with senior citizens

Express News Service

Posted: Jul 27, 2008 at 0416 hrs IST

Chandigarh, July 26 “Loans have brought a sense of social security to the senior citizens who do not have any other source of income during their twilight years,” said Union Minister of State for Finance Pawan Bansal. He was speaking at the inauguration of the Reverse Mortgage Counselling Centre for Senior Citizens, Chandigarh on Saturday.

He emphasised that banks should make the reverse mortgage loan more attractive by increasing the loan period from 20 years and enhancing the loan amount from Rs 1 crore. Bansal said that proposals are being mooted for tie-ups with Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) to help senior citizens pay their installments under the scheme. Bansal said that despite the benefits of the reverse mortgage, its should be the last option with the senior citizens, only after they realise that they would not get any support from their children.

S Sridhar, chairman of the National Housing Bank, which lanuched the scheme in the country two years ago, was also present on the occasion. After Delhi and Hyderabad, Chandigarh is the third city of the country to get a counselling centre for the loan. As per the new scheme, senior citizens above the age of 60 years, who have their own self-occupied property, can avail of periodical payments from a lender (bank) against the mortgage of their house while continuing as owner of the house.

Since the borrowers are not required to service the loan during their lifetime, they do not make monthly repayments of the principal and interest to the lender. The scheme, however, is in its nascent stage. N C Jain, Field General manager of the Punjab National Bank, Chandigarh revealed that so far only 19 persons have come forward from the region to avail the loans.

“While in India we have disbursed loans under the scheme to 113 persons (amounting to Rs 46.46 crore) , in Punjab and Haryana region, there have been only 19 senior citizens (amounting to Rs 7.5 crore only) who have come forward to avail loans under the reverse mortgage,” said Jain.

National surveys have indicated that nearly 5 per cent of the senior citizens in the country have no one to look after them as they either do not have children or are neglected by them. Only 32 per cent of the senior citizens get pensions, while 38 per cent of this age group do not stay with their children.


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