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To help Dada-Dadi improve the lives of older Indians, please donate today ! Just SMS <<Donate>> to +91 9888 9888 47 and our executive will reach you!

(We are just collecting your intents to donate, till date, we have in actual not received any donations for our operations from anyone. However, we need to build a database of people who are willing to support us, so that, in case a need does arise, where our efforts may fall short, we may request some of you to actually donate.)

Want to learn how Dada-Dadi helps? Read Sheela's story

When Sheela's husband died, grief took her over. "All of a sudden, I was alone," said this attractive, well-dressed woman of 86. "My confidence was gone...For two years I didn't do anything. I just stayed home.... As I look back it was such a sad time."

Finally, Sheela decided to vote in a coming election. She saw a newspaper article saying that a senior center near her home in Sector 38 West, Chandigarh, would teach people how to use the new voting machine.

"I came, learned about the machine, and talked to Sukhbir Kaur, Center Director," said Sheela. "I never thought I would come to a place like this. But the director said to try it out. I thought maybe it would help me. So I tried."

That was a year ago," Sheela reports. "Now I come almost every day. Every morning I go around and say
‘good morning,' and the people here say ‘good morning.' That's what I needed: People.

"And I don't sit in a chair. There's so much to do. I exercise every day, and we go out, we go places. And I eat a good lunch. Now when I go home, the lonely feelings still come, but they go away. When I tell people it changed my life, they look at me like I'm crazy. But it's true

Dada-Dadi helps support senior centers like the one that changed Sheela's life. Help us change the lives of countless others like her. Donate today!

Each INR you give helps us to make life better for one more senior.

Your donation can help…

  • An older person find out about and receive benefits from programs that pay for hearing aids or medicines.
  • Community organizations plans to offer companionship and resources to seniors.
  • Ensure that dadadadi has the resources it needs to advocate in Hon'able Courts of Justice,  Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Assemblies for vulnerable seniors.

Please give generously today so that we may help improve the lives of even more older Indians.

*Names have been changed.