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All older adults 60+ are welcome to avail our services, they just need to call on helpline or send a text message. Membership for older adults is not a pre-condition but is voluntary only. 

Dada-Dadi members may include senior centers, area agencies on aging, adult day service centers, faith-based service organizations, senior housing facilities, employment services, consumer groups and leaders from academia, business and labor and, offcourse, individuls who wish to volunteer for this noble cause.

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Corporates please join us & demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibilty.

DadaDadi interest groups provide opportunities for networking, leadership and recognition.

You can join dadadadi online and enjoy member discounts to the annual conference and publications as well as receive the magazine EnergiZing, electronic newsletters such as dadadadi Week and invites to dozens of Webinars on topics of interest to community organizations.

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  • Dada-Dadi Members' Area 

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  • Special-Interest Groups.


    • DadaDadi Health Promotion Institute (DHPI)
    • DadaDadi MaturityWorks Alliance (DMWA)
    • DadaDadi  Coalition of Consumer Organizations (DCCO)
    • DadaDadi  Interfaith Coalition on Aging (DICA)
    • DadaDadi  Institute on Community-Based Long-Term Care (DICLC)
    • DadaDadi  Institute of Senior Centers (DISC)
    • DadaDadi  Institute of Senior Housing (DISH)

The DadaDadi Institute on Financial Issues and Services for Elders (DIFSE)  a constituent group of Dada-Dadi with a purpose to create opportunities for professionals working in the financial services industry and professionals working in the field of aging to learn about and from one another. DIFSE is proud to start a process to educate professionals about "financial gerontology" and to help them develop relationships
in their communities to better serve seniors and their family caregivers.


Membership of the DadaDadi shall be open to all persons, institutes, corporate, registered entities  and organisation, irrespective of their colour, cast, creed, gender, religion, nationality, status, occupation and position, who are willing to work for furthering the Aims and objectives of DadaDadi.

(i)      Primary membership of DadaDadi shall be maintained state wise

(ii)       Primary membership will be renewable after each five years from the date of admission of a person as a primary member based on the performance towards the cause.

(iii)      Proof of primary membership of a person shall be a Primary Membership Card duly issued by the authorized official as may be appointed by for the purpose in accordance with the rule.

(iv)     Member may surrender his/her primary membership on his/her free will by addressing a letter to the President of the DadaDadi and such surrender shall take effect from the date of its acceptance by the President.

(v)      The total strength and number of the primary membership of the DadaDadi shall be collectively known as the General Body.

(vi)     The mode manner and authority to disqualify a member shall be decided by conduct rules as may be framed by the working body of DadaDadi.