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Senior Citizen Home 
Arogya Bhawan no. 3 
D A V Nandraj School Campus
Opp. Booti Water Tank,
RANCHI-834 009

Email: seniorscitizens73@gmail.com 
Contact no.77394-58520 & 94311-14380

(as informed to us vide email dated 10-4-14)

charge Rs.3,000/- P. M. and provide the facilities of lodging and fooding , that include as under;

*Morning and evening Tea with Biscuits

**Lunch and Dinner

***Two times MILK with morning breakfast and after dinner

****Medical facilities once a month free by C. C. L. doctors

*****In case emergency we call doctors or take the patient to doctors as 

per needs and if required Hospitalization, we do it.