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  At Dada-Dadi many programs help to improve the lives of older adults::

Key dadadadi Programs - End Objective of the Aim

Benefits Checkups To help seniors with limited income and resources find benefits programs that help with prescription drug costs, rent, energy bills, food, and more.

Benefits Enrolment To help seniors get enrolled in key Central and state benefits programs.

DadaDadi Centre for Healthy Aging To be a significant, resource centre for professionals interested in developing and implementing healthy aging programs such as health promotion, falls prevention, disease prevention, and chronic disease self-management and to organise, subscribe and undertake community service projects in the interest of objects of DadaDadi.

Diffusion of Innovations & Information To conduct research, hold seminars and conference, organize and promote exhibitions, shows and other activities for furtherance of this cause and to fund, maintain, manage libraries, educations and cultural institutions, publish charts, catalogues, directories, periodicals, leaflets, statistics, magazines, journals books and other publications, and circulate these.

Health education programme To promote healthy aging through consumer education campaigns on medical conditions affecting older persons.

DadaDadi Medicare Matters to have a community-based education program for helping people with Medicare Policies learn about and enrol & drive optimum benefits out of these.

DadaDadi Centre for Benefits Outreach and Enrolment To enrol seniors with limited means and children of such seniors with disabilities into the benefits programs for which they are eligible.

DadaDadi Centre for Family Friends To mobilize older adults as resources to families who have children with special needs in communities nationwide.

Respectability To make and to help non-profit organizations make more effective use of Older Adults in their community-based effort.                                                                                                  

Senior Centre DadaDadi Accreditation Program To benchmark and to provide recognition that a senior centre is meeting its mission in a nationally accepted professional fashion.

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) To provide training and employment opportunities to low-income Older Adults.

Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) To support the environmental & other such projects and the older workers.

Stay at Home Profitably To encourage the appropriate use of reverse mortgages/Paying Guest to help older adults get long-term care services at home.

Wisdom Works To foster civic engagement among older adults through self-directed teams.

Old Age Home To build and operate Old Age Homes, Dispensaries, Hospitals, Health Clinics & Health Camps and to support other organisations for the same.

Strategic Alliances To forge Strategic Alliances, wherever possible, for improving the lives of older Indians and enabling them enjoy Old Age.

Legal Aid To collect and obtain all information, on matters affecting the Older Adults, make representations to various authorities and to appear before any authorities in the interest of, protection and betterment of the Older Adults and to publish and circulate these and any other matters to members, media, Government agencies and others.

Advocacy To indulge in persuasive communication with the Government, Local or Public Authorities, other societies, legal entities, institutions, organisations, corporate bodies or individuals, in India or abroad to secure benefits for Older Adults.

Social Functions To celebrate festivals and to organise social, religious and cultural functions for the Older Adults.

Front Runner   To initiate/start by itself such projects, homes, services, programs or any other activities, where others are reluctant to initiate, start or continue, and to satisfactorily deliver and fulfil the aims and objectives of DadaDadi.