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  • Parents can force children to vacate their house  LPA 1007 of 2013
  • Unrully children loose licence to stay with parents, can be asked for eviction by District Magistrate. CWP 24508 of 2015
  • Having failed to take care of physical needs and basic amenities of the parents in their old age, the appellant has made himself liable for avoidance of the transfer documents in terms of Section 22 of the Act LPA No.1689 of 2015(O&M)


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Books on the Elderly

Social Security for the Elderly

[ Hardcover 2008 ] Rs. 6,507

By Iruday Rajan S , S Iruday Rajan , S Irudaya Rajan
In Stock. Ships Free to India in 10-15 days

Governance and Labour Migration: India Migration Report 2010

[ Hardbound 2009 ] Rs. 5,375

Institutional Provisions and Care for the Aged

[ Hardcover 2009 ] Rs. 5,904

By Irudaya Rajan , Carla Risseeuw , Myrtle Perera
In Stock. Ships Free to India in 10-15 days Care for the elderly has increased in both duration and intensity, particularly because of better medical conditions resulting in increased... more

Fertility Transition in South India

[ Hardcover 2005 ] Rs. 5,301
By Christophe Guilmoto , S Irudaya Rajan , C Z Guilmoto
Out Of Stock This book documents the various phases of fertility transition in India. It argues that this transition is best understood as... more

AN AGING INDIA: Perspectives, Prospects and Policies

[ Unknown 2005 ] Rs. 525 Revised 420

By Phoebe S Liebig , S Irudaya Rajan
In Stock. Ships Free to India in 1-2 days About the Book: This pathbreaking collection provides something that has been missing in the literature on aging in India: studies... more

An Aging India: Perspectives, Prospects, and Policies

[ Paperback 2004 ] Rs. 2,091 1,777
By Phoebe S Liebig , S Irudaya Rajan
Out Of Stock Explore Indian policy and practice on aging from a variety of perspectives! This pathbreaking collection provides something that has been... more

Also in: Hardcover 2004

India` S Elderly

[ Hardcover 1999 ] Rs. 795 Revised 676

By S Irudaya Rajan , U S Mishra , P Sankara Sarma
In Stock. Ships Free to India in 1-2 days Contents: Preface Demography of Aging Policies and Programmes The Living Conditions of the Elderly Perceptions of the Elderly Life Histories... more


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[edit]Further reading

  • "Eliminating Barriers to Mental Health Treatment: A Guide for Massachusetts Elders, Families and Caregivers", Massachusetts Association of Older Americans, 3rd Edition, 2008.