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Any person seeking membership shall be required to pay Joining Fee and any person seeking to continue as a member shall pay the Annual Fee as below within three months of start of every calendar year subsequent to his joining.


Category                                 Joining Fee   Annual Fee   Lifetime Fee

Older Adults 60+ years of Age               Only Blessings -    we are there to serve you!

General /Open                                               10,000             1,000                 5,000

Students with age 25 yrs or below                Waived            500                    not allowed

Employees with non-Taxable Salary            Waived            1,000                 not allowed

Corporate Members                                      1,00,000          10,000               50,000

Institutes/Society                                           25,000             2,500                 12,500

NGO/NPO                                                     15,000             1,500                 7,500



   There shall be following categories of members of society.

(i)    Primary Members: Any member who does not fall in any of the category below will be a Primary member of the society.

(ii)   Lifetime Member is a member who has paid Lifetime fee after paying the joining fee as per clause (8) of these Rules.

(iii)  Honorary Member is a member, being a person of distinction in the field of charitable work or in field of service of Older Adults, invited to become member of the society without paying any membership fee.

(iv) Institutional Member is a member, who represents the Corporate, Institute/Society, NGO/NPO which is a member upon payment of prescribed Fee, as the case may be.

(v)  Student Member is a member of age 25 years or less and is studying in any educational institute.

(vi) Employee Member is a member who is in service or job and had salary less than taxable salary in the last financial year.

All members have equal voting right, Corporate members will have five votes and institute/Society, NGO/NPO shall have two votes each.