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We will be happy to have seniors gainfully engaged. If you are the one, gainfully engaged, please share your success story with us for others to follow.

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Dada-Dadi supports innovative efforts to engage older Indians in their communities, both as paid employees or volunteers.

For last couple of  years, dadadadi has been sponsoring  the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), proving job training and unsubsidized jobs for mature workers, especially those with limited means.

Its RespectAbility initiative is developing 21st century approaches to new roles for older volunteers, especially in the non-profit sector.


  • Join the Maturity Works Alliance (MWA), a dadadadi special-interest group that advocates for mature workers. .
  • Find Dada-Dadi programs on workforce development and civic engagement.
  • Post job openings, or share your resume on the Jobs Board, just email, care@dadadadi.org

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  • Learn how to find a job or volunteer opportunity.
  • Share your resume or post a job opening on the Jobs Boards call helpline..

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